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What material is this?

The material is concrete mixed in right proportions with sand (Base Coat) and plain concrete (Finish Coat).



Is this epoxy based?

No; this is not epoxy based. The material is actual concrete that is mixed with a polymer.



What are the advantages of Concrete Works’ Decorative Concrete over traditional concrete/IPS?

  • Unlike IPS, this does not crack, which is its biggest strength.

  • This can go seamless for any kind of area. No break joins are needed.

  • This does not need curing like IPS. The polymer self-cures the concrete. Hence it is ready to use in a few days’ time.

  • Unlike IPS, this is lightweight. It only adds 1mm to 2.5mm layer over the existing surface. Therefore, this material is also great for renovations.

  • This is such a versatile material that it can be used anywhere, unlike IPS.



Where all can it be applied?

Your creativity is the foundation for Decorative Concrete. It can be used for floors, walls, interiors, exteriors, furniture, steps, elevation, wash basins, terraces, lights, decorative purposes, etc.



Other than the trademark grey, does the material offer colour possibilities?

The natural colours we get from the company is White and Grey. However, by the additions of colour pigments, any colour that needed can be achieved.



What kind of maintenance does a Decorative Concrete floor demand?

A Decorative Concrete floor can be maintained like any other floor. One can easily mop it to keep it clean. However, use of acid for cleaning is advised against as it may spoil the PU Sealer.



Does this scratch?

Decorative Concrete does not scratch under normal circumstances. Though it must be treated like you would maintain wooden flooring. Decorative Concrete floor cannot be compared with tile or marble in terms of hardness. We advise that all moving furniture must have rubber bushes as base; hard metal or plastic legs might damage and/or scratch the floor.



What is the life of this product?

If proper care is taken, this product can easily last for 10-15 years. In fact the more it is used, the better it becomes!

Though not a compulsion, but a recoat of sealer and buffing would be great after approximately 5 years of usage.

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