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All work and no play cannot complete our day!


While we have been promoting Indian Stones and Marbles since 1985 at Jain Marble Industries, the market continues to evolve for us to grow too. Experimentation to keep up with the changing times led us to create India's first online comprehensive store for sanitaryware and tiles - eCeraMall. And the thrill we find while dealing in business and life as we know it poured itself into words via a community-built personal blog - The Positive Diary.


We hope you, too, find the light in mundane things, and share it with the world and us!

eCeraMall is India's first comprehensive tiles and sanitaryware online store.


India's 1st comprehensive online tiles' store

The Positive Diary is a collection of blogs about life and positivity.

The Positive Diary

A collection of personal blogs

Jain Marble Industries in Pune has been promoting Indian Stones and Marbles since 1985.

Jain Marble Industries

Promoting Indian Stones since 1985

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